A Brief History

The Long Island Dart Association Inc. can trace its beginnings back to a league in western Suffolk County. This league wanted to narrow its traveling distances. The Nassau County teams formed what was called the Nassau Darting Association of Long Island headquartered in Glen Cove. Once again traveling to dart matches became an important issue and this association was split. The teams in the southern and south western portions of Nassau County formed the Island Dart League. If my memory serves me correctly we had four divisions in that early year. We had an A and a B division on both Monday and Tuesday. Sometime later it came to our attention that there was another Island Dart League located on the eastern end of Long Island. It was at this time that the officers met and selected our current name. In January 1983 we were incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation under the laws of the State of New York

Our Association is divided into 3 conferences. Each conference has its own playoffs.   The conferences are divided into divisions each consisting of 8 teams. The teams are placed in divisions based on the ability of the individual team members. We are a trophy association. We award both individual and team trophies or plaques. We also have 3 traveling trophies one for each conference.

Our Purpose and Goals

The purpose or purposes for which this corporation has been organized are as follows:

To promote the game of darts, games, contests, physical exercises, sports and athletics of every kind and description; to provide and maintain therefor buildings, grounds, and facilities, including clubhouses, for the accommodation of its members; to maintain a high plane of physical and moral excellence, and enlist the cooperation of all persons to that end.

To promote and encourage the sport, pleasure, exercise, and recreation of its members, to manage and conduct entertainments, excursions, and social meetings of its members.

To raise funds, by subscription or otherwise, for the promotion of athletic sports, and to grant any rights and privileges to subscribers.